Don’t Tweet Me This Way

Twitter is more fun for me than Facebook. I joined both in 2009 and have grown to like Twitter even more and Facebook less over the years. I also like Twitter better than Instagram, which I joined this year.

Several of my acquaintances don’t understand how to use Twitter. For example, one local deejay posted the following question on Facebook: “Can someone tell me the purpose of Twitter, why I should have an account, and what, if any, benefit you’ve received from using it?”

Some naysayers quickly responded with comments about not understanding or not using Twitter. A few defenders, including me, spoke up about Twitter’s value. I made sure that my Facebook comment was short enough to actually fit on Twitter. In fact, I copied it and posted it there too.

I have recently begun unfollowing the Twitter feeds of certain friends, businesses and charities because they tweet poorly. For example there is a charity which I support in real life but can’t follow on Twitter. In the past week, they tweeted the phrase, “I just posted a photo to Facebook,” five times. I unfollowed a comedian friend for the same offense.

The tweets of a local church and a local tourist attraction are off my Twitter feed. Both places write Facebook updates that are cross-posted to Twitter. Their updates are too long for Twitter. The last part of their message is replaced by a hyperlink that begins I don’t use Facebook on my phone therefore I won’t click on the link.

The same thing happens with Instagram. A public relations executive who used to be very active on Twitter, now seems to only use Instagram but cross-posts frustrating updates to Twitter. Instagram photos show up as URLs and the text is often cut off mid-thought. It takes multiple clicks to see the picture. The practice tells me that the user prefers Instagram and doesn’t care what their Twitter followers see. I unfollowed the Twitter feed of an old friend in California but immediately started following him on Instagram.

Twitter displays photos inline if the picture was posted via Twitter. I know several people who thoughtfully take the time to post a photo individually to each of their social media accounts.

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