Be the Best You Can Zombie

Marketers have figured out that adding the word “zombie” can draw attention to their message, especially this close to Halloween. At Koko FitClub, coach Paul Romeo created a zombie workout that piqued my curiosity.

I joined Koko FitClub last November when I began doing radio commercials for the local franchise. I do a cardio workout on the treadmill and strength training on the weight machine.

While I’m on the treadmill, I listen to audio recordings of chief fitness officer Michael Wood or master fit coach Paul Romeo. They tell me how fast to go and how steep an incline to use. The speed and incline change every few minutes as part of the interval training program.

On each treadmill there is a printed card describing the workouts for the fall season. One of the descriptions said, “Get ready to run for your life from the Halloween zombies. If you get caught, don’t worry. Paul will prepare you to be in great zombie shape.”

The audio had me laughing the first time I tried it. At one point, Paul told us to tiptoe past the zombies, which just happens to strengthen calf muscles. Another time we had to increase our speed to the 4 to 5 miles-per-hour range to outrun the zombies. Later, we increased the incline because zombies have trouble running up hills.

The funniest part of the workout came when Paul said that should any of us succumb to the zombie virus, at least he can prepare us to be the zombies in the best shape. He had us do the zombie walk with our arms extended. When we started to feel the burn in our shoulders, he said to be thankful we can still feel anything. He also made a joke about developing muscle memory because we won’t be able to think about these things when we’re zombies.

I’ve done the zombie workout twice so far and I’ll probably do it a few more times before the audio gets changed to the winter programs. I’ll have to tell my sisters about the workout. All these years later, they still get the creeps when I quote Johnny from Night of the Living Dead by saying, “They’re coming to get you Barbara!”

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