Six on Your Side Splitters

Side Splitters Comedy Club is asking for help. On Sunday, they used social media to spread the word that they really need people to show up this coming weekend.

My friend Bridgette Martin, who works at Side Splitters, got my attention when she wrote, “Don’t make arbitrary plans to do so ‘soon.’ This needs to happen now. This is our Hail Mary. After this weekend, there is a strong possibility that there won’t be a ‘soon.'”

Similar to a movie theater, the comedy club makes its money on food and beverage sales, not ticket sales. Side Splitters is offering free admission this weekend. The two-item minimum purchase rule applies as always. Here are the links to sign up for the guest list on Thursday; to sign up for the guest list on Friday; or to sign up for the guest list on Saturday.

Bridgette sent out a press release that got some attention. Cameron Taylor of WATE-TV interviewed me about my experiences at Side Splitters Comedy Club. I have seen many shows there over the years. I have also been privileged to perform there several times. He also interviewed comedian John Upton, who talked about getting his start in comedy at Side Splitters.

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