Road Addendum

 The Knoxville episodes of Antiques Roadshow began airing on Monday night. The shows, which were recorded in July 2013, continue airing on September 29 and October 6. East Tennessee PBS recorded some behind-the-scenes footage, which they aired Monday as well.

I was invited to appear on-camera to pitch some unique premium items. Donors who pledged $60 got a DVD with the behind-the-scenes footage. Those who pledged $120 got the three Knoxville episodes on DVD. Viewers could get all the discs for $150. I snapped a picture of my TV as the director was fading from me to the graphic with the offers.

East Tennessee PBS president Vickie Lawson picked up on a running joke that almost always happens when I wear an electric blue shirt. I think the bit may have started during the filming of Fish Bait: The Movie back in 2008. Someone usually remarks that the shade of blue either brings out my eyes or that it makes my eyes pop. In fact, my wife texted the line to me while she was watching at home. Vickie mentioned it twice, at the beginning and end of Monday’s broadcast.

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