No Joke

Local comedians are expressing their love for Side Splitters on Facebook tonight. During open-mic night they learned that the club is closing for football season.

A few hints were posted this week. Damien Lemon, the scheduled headliner for this weekend, announced on Twitter that he would not be performing in Knoxville after all.

Side Splitters is important to me for many reasons. My wife and I attend shows there regularly. I had the pleasure of interviewing the headlining comedians for the past ten months. I have performed at Side Splitters as a member of Einstein Simplified and as a stand-up on open-mic nights and in the Host with the Most competition.

I look forward to the shows resuming after the college football season ends. If there is a silver lining, I hope the hiatus encourages people who like to laugh to support live comedy by going to the club when it reopens.

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