Make a Fish Foundation

The ticket clerk at Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies asked if we wanted to purchase a guidebook for $2. I must have hesitated for a moment because my wife said, “No, he doesn’t.”

A few minutes later, I surprised my wife when I found a guidebook that someone else had left behind. When we left the Aquarium, my wife gave the guidebook to a young couple waiting in line.

My wife and I took pictures of various sea creatures. She photographed clownfish whereas I photographed piranha. I showed a fellow tourist how I put my smartphone flat against the glass to get a better picture. Later that day I told my mother about the Aquarium. Her first question was, “Did you see any piranha?” I told her I had a nice close-up of a piranha’s face for her to see.

I went to the opening of the Penguin Playhouse in 2010 and visited with a penguin named Mo Mo in 2012. Each penguin’s name is displayed on its wing. On Monday, I spotted a penguin named Frank. I wrote on Twitter that Ripley’s “had a black-footed penguin named Frank whereas I’m merely a flat-footed joker named Frank.”

By the time we were finished touring the Aquarium, my wife and I were hungry for lunch. I used the Urbanspoon app on my smartphone to search for a restaurant that served… you guessed it… seafood.

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