Kadota Fanning

The figs on my tree are coming along nicely but they are not yet ripe. I was in the mood for my favorite fruit over the weekend and I knew I would be in the right place for them.

Any time I go to Publix, I look for fresh figs. On Saturday, they had a variety I had not yet tried. Kadota figs are green instead of brown like the aptly named Brown Turkey figs or Black Mission figs I usually buy.

Some people like the salty and sweet combination of figs with prosciutto and cheese. The package came with a recipe for “Cheese-Filled Fresh Figs” that can be summarized as “cut figs in half; gently push cheese into fig.”

I like eating figs just the way they are. As I bit into one, I could see the parts that resemble a flower. I’ve come to realize that my beloved figs are basically fat flowers. They sit around on the tree, don’t open up, and eventually get so heavy that they flop over. Some figs even have an opening that allows them to “eat” wasp eggs.

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