Fry Fair Lady

“Mama Jane” Harris invited me to come back to the Tennessee Valley Fair on Tuesday, which was Senior Citizen’s Day. I told her I wasn’t 65 yet. She said that wasn’t the reason. It was to taste test something she’s thinking about for next year.

When I spoke with Jane on Friday, she told me her idea for 2015. She was expecting a shipment on Monday that would allow her to start working on it.

As I stepped in to The Best Around trailer, I got a close-up look at the batter for Mama Jane’s 2014 creation, Pumpkin Spice Funnel Cakes. Her Red Velvet batter is visible in the background.

Mama Jane let me photograph and taste the new item with the understanding that I wouldn’t publish the pictures until she puts the item on her menu. Somewhere in my archives I have photos of a secret item that didn’t make the cut three years ago.

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