Bone Appétit

Dr. Bill Bass did something different for Monday’s “Dinner with the Bone Doctor” at Echo Bistro & Wine Bar. He started his forensic lecture with a quiz.

Before the guests arrived, Dr. Bass placed a bone on each table along with a copy of the quiz. As they enjoyed their meal, the diners were asked to determine if the bone was human or animal and to identify what type of bone it was.

There were some tricky answers. For example there was a young human femur that was about the same length as an adult dog femur. The most unusual bone was a 7th cervical vertebra from a bison, which makes up part of the animal’s hump. I remembered seeing it once before, at a similar dinner in January, 2012. When Dr. Bass held the bison bone, I thought it looked like a sword.

One human femur could be identified as coming from a teenager because the epiphysis at the knee had not yet fused. I heard Dr. Bass use the term “epiphyses united,” which I thought sounded like a Greek soccer team.

 I was privileged to once again be the emcee for “Dinner with the Bone Doctor.” Monday’s date was chosen months ago to coincide with the planned release date of the next Jefferson Bass novel, The Breaking Point. They went ahead with the dinner even though the book release has been rescheduled to June, 2015.

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