The Hall You Say

August 1 is the anniversary of my first blog post in 2005. It’s an ideal day to share some very good news that I received this past week.

Dear Mr. Murphy,
Congratulations – you have been selected to be inducted into the East Tennessee Writers Hall of Fame for the Social Media Award. This event, hosted by Friends of Literacy, attracts nominations for “the best of the best” in our area; truly every nomination we receive is outstanding and your selection as an inductee is a tremendous honor. Please mark your calendar for October 23 so you can participate in the event that is being held in your honor.
On October 23, 2014, at 11:30 a.m., FOL will present the annual East Tennessee Writers Hall of Fame awards luncheon. This event honors the important contributions local authors make to our culture and history. Nominations are sought for five categories: lifetime achievement, fiction, non-fiction, poetry and social media. An independent panel ofjudges evaluates the nominees based on recognition within the writer’s field, longevity, quality and volume of work. All nominees must have either been born in, currently reside in or have a body of work related to the East Tennessee region. At the event, you will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.
Other noted writers to be inducted this year are Vince Vawter for lifetime achievement, B.J. Leggett for fiction, David Lauver for non-fiction and Charles Wright for poetry. A deserving literacy student of one of the programs we support also will be honored. All awards will be presented at the October 23 luncheon at The Lighthouse, 6800 Baum Drive in Knoxville.
The mission of the nonprofit FOL is to support the delivery of free, high quality literacy programs and l related services to adults in Knox County who are inadequately educated to meet the challenges of daily ‘ life. Working in partnership with area literacy organizations, our goal is to help provide basic education and life-skill training so that our students become better workers, parents and citizens.
We would be delighted if you invited others who might like to attend your induction and are willing to contribute to the cause of literacy at $100 per ticket. They may contact us directly at 549-7007 or purchase tickets through our website, We look forward to hosting you at our signature event. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any additional questions you may have.
Melissa Nance
Executive Director

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