One Fig-ular Sensation

The headlights of my wife’s car revealed an important discovery as we returned home Sunday night. I was sure I spotted a tiny green bulb on one of the branches of my fig tree.

On Monday, I inspected the tree in the morning light. Sure enough, there is a tiny piece of fruit. I wasn’t expecting any fruit because I read that it usually takes a few years for fig trees to mature. It does seem funny that all those leaves and all that photosynthesis only made one little fig but maybe more will erupt before autumn.

As I scanned each branch, I also noticed a very small tree frog relaxing on one of the leaves. It was about the size of my smallest fingernail.

On Tuesday, I got a note from fellow blogger and fig enthusiast Frank Weathers. His tree did not do well last winter and then suffered a beetle infestation. Frank pruned it back to the ground. New life sprung forth and he has hopes for figs in the future. Meanwhile, he has five tiny figs on a new tree that he air-layered from the main tree last year.

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