Full Tilt Boogie

A fellow named Boogerman made me laugh a long time ago when he sang a funny version of the Lucky Charms jingle at a St. Patrick’s Day KROQ remote broadcast. He wrote to me three years ago to express his appreciation and apologies for some things from those days.

Count Boogie, as he’s now known, wrote to me again this week:

I have a little studio now. You need any jingles for your show with your name etc.? I love doing them. Just let me know. I’m having fun! I just finished my second musical comedy album in 4 months. I’m on fire! Hope you’ve been good.

I wrote back with some details about my afternoon show on WNOX. Before long, Boogie had sent me several jingles to use. Here’s one that I aired almost immediately, dropping it in between a Donna Summer song and a Beatles song:

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