Fry, Yai, Yai, Yai

Sarah Thompson from the Tennessee Valley Fair asked a question to which she surely knew the answer. She wanted to know if I would try a Twinkie stuffed with a Twix candy bar, wrapped in bacon, then deep-fried and drizzled with chocolate-caramel sauce. The concoction, known as a TwinX, is being sold at the New York State Fair. At the time Sarah sent her tweet, I was reading the same article about the newest strange foods on the fair circuit.

Sarah has invited me to judge the Fair Food Throwdown for the third consecutive year. I would gladly taste a TwinX if one was entered in the contest.

Another fair food that is making the rounds comes from Jane Harris at The Best Around. This year she’s promoting her new Pineapple Inside-Out Funnel Cake. I do expect to see one of these in the Fair Food Throwdown on September 5.

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