Darkness on the Edge of Clowns

Stephanie Beecken of WATE-TV interviewed me about the death of Robin Williams. I told her how he had been an influence on me comedically and that I had been a fan since the late ’70s. The piece aired at the top of the five o’clock news.

In addition to my soundbites, Stephanie summarized something I told her: “Frank Murphy has been in the entertainment industry for 30 years. He says he’s seen people drawn to comedy to use the laughter and applause to fill a dark void in their life.” Richard Jeni was one of the people who had come to mind when I said that.

If you don’t mind the adult language, click here to read a good article on Cracked.com about why many funny people are tortured by depression. It reaches the same conclusion, that many mentally tortured people learn to become funny.

You can watch Stephanie’s report here:

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