Big Rascals

Spanky Brown is unlike most of the comedians I’ve interviewed on the Classic Hits 93.1 Comedy Couch. Because he lives in Knoxville, we have crossed paths at various events around town. He’s even seen me perform improv and stand-up at Side Splitters Comedy Club. Spanky is also the first comedian to make a second visit to the Comedy Couch. Our first interview was in January.

Five months ago, Spanky was one of the bachelors in the Friends of Literacy Bachelor Auction. That night, we cracked jokes about him being on an auction block for a date on a riverboat. Spanky mentioned that story in today’s interview.

This weekend, Spanky is headlining the “Stimulus Staycation” shows at Side Splitters. It will be his last Knoxville performances before he relocates to Charlotte.

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