Bacon Bit

The Bacon Brothers played the Niswonger Performing Arts Center on Friday night. Before their show, they called WNOX to do a phone interview with me. Kevin had just landed in Knoxville. Michael and the rest of the band were already in Greenville.

During our conversation, I briefly alluded to an appearance the Bacons made on KLOS in the late ’90s. I booked them to perform in the “Mark & Brian Amphitheatre,” which is what we called it when bands played live on-air in front of listeners in our conference room. It was Valentine’s Day and we had also displayed a chocolate mold of actress Donna D’Errico’s posterior. Off-air, Kevin told me he remembered the event.

The majority of the interview was about their music. However, I did have an opportunity to ask Kevin about his acting and directing. I mentioned that my wife recently watched Apollo 13 for a few minutes each night as she fell asleep. I think it took a week or two for her to see the whole thing. Kevin described it as “the opposite of binge-watching.”

There was only time to broadcast highlights of the conversation on Friday. In fact, the bits about KLOS and my wife didn’t make the cut. You can hear the full interview by clicking on the podcast button below:

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