Appraisal Apprisal

The premium items offered on East Tennessee PBS last Monday were unusual. They don’t exist yet.

After the Knoxville episodes of Antiques Roadshow are broadcast in September and October, the staff at East Tennessee PBS will make a DVD set to give to those who donated $120. They are also producing a half-hour behind-the-scenes documentary on DVD for those who donated $60. Viewers who donated $150 get both gifts.

While I was at the TV station, program director Russ Manning confirmed that the August episode of Tennessee Life will air on Sunday, August 24 at 5:00 p.m. It includes Vickie Lawson’s interview with Johnny Majors and my interview with Dr. Bill Bass. Once I knew the broadcast date, I wrote to the Media and Internal Relations department at the University of Tennessee to ask them to help promote the show.

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