The Driving Dead

The salesmen at Twin City Hyundai were excited to show me “The Walking Dead” Special Edition Tucson on their showroom floor. The vehicle’s design is in honor of the 10th anniversary of The Walking Dead graphic novel. I was at the dealership on Saturday afternoon for a remote broadcast.

The SUV has a Walking Dead insignia on the tailgate and blood-red hand prints on the door. Some passersby might not immediately recognize the hands in the artistic design. From a distance, they almost look like flames.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the driver’s door was a red footprint on the floor mat. I think the vehicle’s most clever feature is the zombie survival kit in the back. In addition to food, water, and first-aid supplies, there is a backpack with the Walking Dead logo on it. They say you’re prepared for a zombie attack, but as the CDC will tell you, the items also help you prepare for a real emergency.

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