Gold Bond

 Steve Hytner played the part of a bad comedian on Seinfeld but he’s actually a very good comedian and actor. When he performs, he has the emcee acknowledge that “no matter what he does, he’s always remembered as Bania from Seinfeld.”

Steve is headlining at Side Splitters Comedy Club this weekend. I had the pleasure of interviewing him on the Classic Hits 93.1 Comedy Couch, although for a few minutes, he started interviewing me.

We talked about much more than just his famous role but Steve did mention that Kenny Bania was recently ranked 17th in Rolling Stone’s list of the “100 Best Seinfeld Characters.”

The Wizard of Oz radio play - April 17, 1998 - (left to right): Mary Oppermann, Tom Mazur, Lisa Boisse, Jess Harnell, Alan Young, Sandra Gould, Robert Goulet, Dwight Yoakam, Peter Scolari, Brian Phelps, Sheena Easton, Mark Thompson, Frank Murphy Steve said Bania is like Gladys Kravitz in some ways. We both had a mental block trying to think of either of the actresses who played Gladys. I was trying to remember that it was the late  Sandra Gould who appeared in one of the Mark & Brian radio plays that I directed. You can see her in the center of the cast photo, between Alan Young and the late Robert Goulet.

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