Across the Meals

A Facebook friend shared a link to a list of “Every State in the USA, Ranked by Its Food/Drink.” They were thrilled that Tennessee ranked eighth. We do have some excellent food around these parts, especially BBQ. Memphis gets well-deserved recognition but I am fond of BBQ in East Tennessee too, which has the best features of Memphis and the best features of North Carolina style cooking.

On my next trip to Nashville, I may have to try Hot Chicken, which is unfamiliar to me. I have enjoyed fried chicken at Monell’s and at the Loveless Cafe.

Maryland ranked eighteenth. I bet it would have ranked higher had the authors sampled the Peruvian chicken at Sardi’s Pollo A La Brasa. The state did get points for crabcakes, obviously.

The writers failed to recognize the good foods in the Dakotas. In 2011, my wife and I had an excellent bison burger in Medora and we discovered the great food at Culver’s in Rapid City. If I get the opportunity, I would enjoy going back to the Dakotas.

The article also dismissed Wyoming, which is another state I would like to visit again. The authors failed to consider the fancy resort town of Jackson Hole or even the nice restaurant near Old Faithful, where I had a good bison burger in 2010.

Before returning to the Great Plains, my wife and I hope to travel to the three states she has not yet visited: Alaska, Michigan and Oklahoma. I remember enjoying some halibut in Alaska in 2001 but I don’t have any particular memories of restaurants in Michigan or Oklahoma, both of which I visited on business.

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