Yankee Ingenuity

After the performance of Chronicles of Blue and Gray at Carnegie Hall, my good friend Nancy treated my wife, my son and me to dinner at Rue 57. We shared oysters for an appetizer and all chose delicious entrees. I enjoyed a rainbow roll and even ate the flower garnish. For dessert, I ordered a familiar treat going by a different name.

In Knoxville, we refer to Oreos that have been battered and deep-fried as “Deep Fried Oreos,” although I have seen signs that mistakenly put an apostrophe before the s in Oreos. In New York City, deep-fried Oreos are apparently known by the fancier name of “Oreo Beignets.”

Beignet is a clever name with a Southern association. Café du Monde in New Orleans is famous for serving actual beignets that do not have anything inside.

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