What a Nye Sky

There was a celebrity on my flight from Reagan National to LaGuardia Airport last Saturday. When I first spotted him in the airport, I thought, “that guy resembles Bill Nye the Science Guy.” Then I thought that he could enter a Bill Nye look-alike contest, which is funny because Bill Nye once won a Steve Martin look-alike contest.

When I sat down opposite him, I could see that he had a NASA sticker on his laptop. That’s when I decided he must be the real deal. When he started packing up, I asked if I could shake his hand. I told him that my family and I were fans. He said thanks and mentioned something about being pleasantly surprised that whoever had paid for his ticket had sprung for first-class.

I texted this photo of Bill to my kids. When they were little, my wife brought them over to KROQ before school one morning because Bill Nye was the in-studio guest.

When we got to LaGuardia, I saw Bill heading off to the limousine pick-up area as I walked to the Q70 bus.

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