Toe the Line

If you look closely between comedienne Kristine Kinsey’s hand and foot, you can see a photo of me. In a short film called Deposit, she is seen painting her toenails and asking if the color matches my eyes. The movie was an entry in the Knoxville 24 Hour Film Festival.

Filmmakers have only 24 hours to write, shoot and edit their movies. At the start of the competition, they are given a list of required elements. They had to choose three things from the list to incorporate into the story. One of the options was a painted toenail.

Several of the other actors in the movie are involved in the local comedy scene. Mike Howard plays Kristine’s radio partner. J.D. Howard plays a drunk cabdriver. Mike and J.D. both competed in the Host with the Most contests. Mike won it the year before I did. Comedian Alex Stokes plays the cabdriver’s fare and his wife Jenny plays a bank employee. Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett makes a cameo as a radio guest at the beginning.

Kristine told me via Twitter that there were more mentions of me that got cut out. I suggested that we have an outtakes-viewing party some day.

Here is the finished film. It would probably get a PG or PG-13 rating due to the drunken cabbie and the scene at the bank, so keep that in mind before you watch it at work or with the kids. My photo can be seen at the :34 second mark.

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