The Tie Scores

Amy Hubbard of East Tennessee PBS asked the hosts of Tuesday night’s pledge drive if they had any appropriate attire for a show about ’50s and ’60s party songs. I did not, other than my normal wardrobe which resembles that of Richie Cunningham.

I do have a necktie that my father wore in the 1960s.  I decided to wear it with a yellow oxford shirt. The combination looked a little like a private school uniform, or as Paige Travis said upon seeing me, “Gryffindor!”

In addition to Amy, Paige and me, Russell Manning and Hubert Smith appeared on camera. Four wireless microphones but five people meant that one person had to volunteer to wear a wired mic. Russell, who is the program director, said he would do it. Fortunately his “tail” was not visible on TV.

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