Shooting the Roq

It was uncomfortable to watch myself attempt to play basketball, even if the footage was from 18 years ago. I was so bad that the audience chanted my name every time I touched the ball as if it would somehow help me score a basket. All my shots bounced off the rim.

After my interview with comedian Brad Williams, I looked online to see if I could find any reference to a midget named Larry who worked as a Hollywood stunt double. Much to my surprise, I found video footage of Larry that had me in it too.

In 1996, Jimmy Kimmel had the idea for the members of the KROQ morning show to challenge a basketball team comprised of midgets and dwarfs. Here is most of the game between the Los Angeles Breakers and the KROQ Jackholes. You’ll probably recognize Kevin & Bean, Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla and Chris Hardwick, who was one of the announcers. The other announcer sounds like Ralph Garman to me although I’m not positive that it’s him. Other players include Lisa May, Beth Coulter, Tad Newcomb, Rockin’ Fig, Kevin Weatherly, the Armenian Comedian and me.

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