Reaching for the Stars

As legendary deejay Casey Kasem lives his final days, I am reminded of happier times.

In 1989, Casey left ABC Radio Network’s American Top 40 and joined Westwood One to start Casey’s Top 40. In Washington, our competitor WRQX carried American Top 40. Casey’s switch of syndicators created an opportunity for us at WAVA to air his new show. It was a big deal when Casey came by the station one time when he was in town.

Casey said that we should visit him if we were ever in California. I don’t think he expected us take him up on the offer.

In May of 1990, Don & Mike did a week’s worth of remote broadcasts from Los Angeles. We did the show live from 2:30 to 7:00 a.m. Pacific Time. In the afternoons, we visited different sites and recorded bits for the next morning. I arranged for them to interview Casey Kasem at his home in Beverly Hills.

We had high hopes of seeing the lifestyle of a rich and famous deejay. When we arrived at Casey’s mansion, he answered the door and stepped outside. He said his wife was pregnant and they were having some renovations done. We walked around the outside of the house and sat on the back patio to record the conversation.

It was a strange experience for us because of our expectations. From Casey’s perspective, it made sense to sit outside in the beautiful weather and let his wife get some rest. However the only thing I remember about the interview was that we couldn’t go inside.

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