Two radio listeners contacted me over the weekend, one via Facebook and one via Twitter. In the course of our online conversations, they both mentioned that they missed hearing me on the radio in the morning. In both cases, I replied that they may want to look for the next Einstein Simplified podcast.

I’m not always available for the podcast recording sessions on Tuesday nights. Last week I joined Aaron Littleton, Paul Simmons and Brad Bumgardner for a podcast that was published today. In it, I tell a story about getting carsick that afternoon on my way home from the Smoky Mountains.

This morning, I used the Stitcher app on my phone to look for the podcast. At that point, the episode with my story had not yet been published but I listened to last week’s episode and tremendously enjoyed Megan Jones’ story about an unexpected treat on her fast-food burger.

The best way to listen to any podcast is with an app like Stitcher. If you want to try out the Einstein Simplified podcast before subscribing via an app, I have embedded a link to the file, so you can listen here:

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