Pigmeat? Mark ‘Em!

When the KCBS rep asked new judges to raise their hands, I did. Although it was my fourth time as a judge at the Big BBQ Bash, it was the first time the event was sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbeque Society and my first time as a Certified BBQ judge.

The rep made sure that new judges were spread out among the seven tables. I picked up some tips from the experienced judges. They all knew to place their water bottles on their sides. It makes it easier for the table captain to show the boxes to the judges for an appearance score.

Architect George Ewart designed the beautiful trophies for the Tennessee Triple Crown. The trophies are for the top cumulative scorers in the Bloomin’ Barbeque & Bluegrass festival, the Rocky Top Hummin’ & Strummin’ BBQ Cook-Off and the Big BBQ Bash. George also owns Dead End BBQ and runs the Rocky Top Hummin’ & Strummin’ BBQ Cook-off.

Some of the top teams in the country competed on Saturday, including Warren County Pork Choppers and Lotta Bull BBQ. They both scored well but the overall winner was a team from Kingsport called Under the Radar.

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