Waxable Donation

One of the more unusual auction items at the All Saints Adult Social was a leg waxing for one of the priests. Fr. Miguel Velez had the idea to suffer through the uncomfortable process as a way of raising money for the parish. Last year, he had someone shave his head.

During my most recent haircut at Garde Bien Spa Salon, I told my friend Stacey Handel about the Adult Social. She offered to do the waxing. Stacey wore scrubs and a “Nurse Ratched” name tag. Auctioneer David Pozy got the crowd to collectively bid around $800 for the waxing.

I took a close up picture of Fr. Miguel’s face because his glasses were fogging. I also took a picture of his leg after only a few strips of hair were gone. The contrast was noticeable.

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