The Match Batch

The family whistle caught my attention on Friday night as I was about to go on stage. I turned around to see that my wife had the camera pointed at me. I love the picture she took because it reminds me of the feeling of excitement and anticipation I had. It’s somewhat analogous to the moment before a delicious dinner is served. You know that you are about to enjoy a great experience.

The program at the All Saints Catholic Parish Adult Social was a duplicate of last year’s game show spoof. The reaction was so good last year that within weeks organizer Ida Randall asked me to do it again. The sequel has been listed on the parish calendar for over seven months.

The stars of this year’s show were Kristin Farley of WATE, Deacon David Lucheon, Fr. Ragan Schriver, Michele Silva of WVLT, Fr. Miguel Velez, and Fr. Michael Woods. The names of two audience members were drawn by announcer Gary Loe. The winner of the game, Dr. Aaron Margulies, donated his prize, a tablet computer, back to the parish. Auctioneer David Pozy sold it in no time.

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