Orange Scruffy

Tonya Cinnamon of Cinnamon Studios put a nice footer across the bottom of one of her photos from Tuesday’s Einstein Simplified show. It promotes that our show has moved to Scruffy City Hall on Market Square. The photo she chose is from one of my favorite games.

We have a few games in which one improviser can say anything while his or her scene partners are restricted to specific lines. The lines can come from the audience, from a cell phone, or from the script of a play. That last version is sometimes known as “Actor’s Nightmare.” We call it “Every Other Line” or “Every Other Other Line” depending on how many plays are involved.

In Tuesday’s scene, Dave Snow and Greg Huff each had different books. They had audience members select random pages. The emcee asked for a location for the scene and chose “jail” from among the suggestions offered by the audience. My job was to justify the lines delivered by the other two and try to make their dialogue fit the setting.

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