One Moore Time

Ken Moore, special agent in charge of the Knoxville Division of the FBI, surprised his colleagues when he announced his retirement about two weeks ago. They held a farewell luncheon for him at the Tennessee Terrace in Neyland Stadium on Friday. In addition to FBI employees, the guests included representatives of other law enforcement  and government agencies. A good number of FBI Knoxville Citizens Academy Alumni Association members attended too.

During the meal, we watched a Power Point presentation of photos from throughout Ken’s career, including pictures of him in training at the FBI Academy in Quantico. At the end of the video we saw surveillance camera footage of a snowy day as Ken arrived at work. The agent who emceed the luncheon described it as Ken using his own car to “test” the security measures at the gate. I detected a hint of sarcasm, especially when the FBI employees laughed at the description. To civilians like me, it looked like Ken’s car hit the pop-up barrier and was then hit by the lowering warning arm and the closing iron gates.

After receiving plaques and thank-you gifts from the various groups, Ken addressed the crowd for a little over 30 minutes. He kept the audience in suspense throughout his remarks, mentioning that he had a job offer and that he had flown to “a city in the Northeast” for an interview. Finally, after pretending that he was finished, he revealed that he and his family are moving to Pennsylvania and that he had accepted a job as director of corporate security for Bristol-Myers Squibb in New Jersey.

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