Meet Inspection

A friend who lives outside Knoxville sent an interesting challenge, although possibly in jest. She wrote that she wanted me to help her find a husband.

If she lived in Knoxville, I could be more specific in my suggestions. Perhaps some of my thoughts on how to meet new friends will still apply.

Many churches have singles groups. If her church has a group for singles of the right age range, she should join. If not, perhaps a neighboring parish has such a group.

If she likes watching Dancing with the Stars, then group dance lessons would help her meet new people. She could also attend a ballroom dancing competition as a spectator.

Even solitary pastimes have a group option. For example, if she likes reading, she could attend lectures by local authors.

Foodies can look for Dishcrawl events or food festivals.  There are plenty of BBQ festivals and other celebrations every weekend.

Chambers of Commerce have networking events on a regular basis. Some are social and some are educational. Both create opportunities to meet new people.

One quick way to start planning is to do a Google search for the name of your town followed by the word “events.” I did such a search for my friend’s town and found several things that might interest her.

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