Major Fomo

Saturday could have been the day for the East Tennessee FOMO festival. FOMO stands for “fear of missing out.” It describes the feeling you get when you are reading social media posts from friends who are attending an event without you.

I had a mild case of FOMO on Saturday. It was mild because I knew well in advance that I would not be able to attend any of the events. I think the feeling is worse when you are at home doing nothing and then you read online about the exciting things you could be doing at that exact moment.

On Saturday, my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds were filled with posts from the International Biscuit Festival and three other events. WATE reporter Hayley Harmon summed it up in one tweet:

My friend Cheryl Burchett and her daughter Lydia both won prizes in the Mr./Ms. Biscuit Pageant:

Other friends of mine were attending the Bloomin’ BBQ & Bluegrass Festival in Sevierville, the Smoky Mountain Scottish Festival and Games in Maryville, or the Children’s Festival of Reading in Knoxville. I suppose you could say that I was at the Festival of Reading in spirit because I submitted an essay for the printed program.

My wife must have known that I was thinking about the BBQ festival. She surprised me on Saturday with lunch from one of our favorite BBQ joints in West Knoxville.

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