It was twenty-five minutes before Aleric Heck of AppFind mentioned that the iPhone actually makes telephone calls. I watched his thirty-nine minute “Complete Beginners Guide” on the iPhone 5S and had to laugh when he finally mentioned the app that makes calls.

YouTube suggested the video for me based on my viewing history. Perhaps I should back up a little.

Last week I received an iPhone 5S as part of my endorsement for Cricket Wireless. It is my first i-anything. I’ve never had an iPod, iPad, iTunes or any Apple product. A couple of years ago, I switched from Microsoft to Google for most of my computer products. My previous phone was a low-end Droid. My laptop is a Chromebook.

My YouTube and Google search histories from the past week are filled with queries like “how to change settings on iPhone email” and “how to use Google apps on iPhone.” Some others are “how to sync contacts” and “iPhone advice.”

Many of the searches were for an app to record my voice as an mp3 file. I needed to find one and use it last Saturday during a remote broadcast. Many of the free apps either couldn’t email a file or couldn’t use the mp3 format. I ultimately chose to purchase iAudition for $5. Many of my co-workers use that app, which means I could ask them for help if need be. It turned out to be very easy to use.

The iPhone is obviously superior to the bargain Droid I had been using. It has a better camera and many other useful features. I’m glad that I’ve been able to easily use Google’s apps for Gmail, Maps, Drive, Chrome, Hangouts and YouTube on the iPhone. I remember reading that it used to be difficult if not impossible to use Google products on an Apple phone.

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