Circle to the Square

Einstein Simplified performed on Market Square twice in the past week. On Tuesday, we had our debut performance in Scruffy City Hall, the new home to our weekly shows. On Saturday, we performed at Latitude 35 as part of Blank Newspaper’s BLANKFest (or _____fest).

For the second time in a week, I got to play “Every Other Line,” one of my favorites. We ended the show with a game of “Chain Murder Mystery,” which is a guessing game that relies on pantomime and gibberish. The players have to guess their location, occupation and murder weapon. On Saturday, the three things were Burger King, prison guard and jellyfish. I wasn’t in the scene, so I snapped some photos of Aaron Littleton, Megan Jones and Paul Simmons playing the game. Dave Fennell had already “died” on stage.

The basement room at Latitude 35 was familiar to us. We used to have a semi-regular gig in a bar/restaurant/gallery called World Grotto at that address. When it closed, new owners came in and converted it to Latitude 35.

We also used to have our regular shows on Market Square in The Square Room, which is in an alley behind Café 4. It was our home after Patrick Sullivan’s but before Side Splitters. After that, we moved to The Well and now to Scruffy City Hall. One of the advantages of Scruffy City Hall is that its front door is on Market Square, two doors down from Preservation Pub.

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