A Deal Pickle

There are four parts to the entertainment portion of the All Saints Adult Social. David Pozy auctions off various priceless experiences such as Fr. Miguel’s leg waxing or dinner cooked by Fr. Michael. The other three segments are spoofs of classic game shows, hosted by me.

I prepare for the Newlywed Game and Match Game by writing questions in advance. For Let’s Make a Deal, I don’t know which prizes are in which boxes. I’m just as surprised as the contestants when they get a good prize or a zonk.

Dan Welsh made some comments that set up my favorite ad-lib of the night. He said that the lady who won Turtle Wax should have then gotten a new car. He won a water-resistant outdoor speaker and asked, “Where’s the pool that goes with it?” At that point, I said, “Do you think you’re at Sacred Heart?”

One of the next contestants actually did win an inflatable baby pool as a zonk. Our game show models, Kate and Alli, displayed the prizes. I didn’t realize until seeing the photos that Alli was blowing bubbles while Kate put her feet in the pool. I love their attention to detail.

The last prize of the evening appeared to be a small package of batteries. I milked the moment for suspense before revealing that the batteries were for the remote control to a new TV.

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