Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

Jersey Boys began an eight-performance run at the Tennessee Theatre on Tuesday night. My wife and I went to the show, as did many others. In fact, we didn’t notice any empty seats. AC Entertainment sent an email to the radio station saying that they had “non-companion” seats for some of the remaining shows available at a discount in the ticket office on Clinch Avenue.

I didn’t know much about The Four Seasons, other than being able to identify their signature sound. As a result, I enjoyed the twists and turns of the story for the first time. The plot of Jersey Boys tells the history of the group. I vaguely remembered hearing that they crossed paths with Joe Pesci in Jersey. The character of Pesci turns up in the play.

Because I hadn’t read anything about the musical, I was not expecting the amount of salty language in the script. I think other members of the audience were also surprised by the first f-bomb. Having grown up in New York, I will agree that it sounded authentic to the characters.

I counted 21 people in the cast but the number of characters is much higher. I was impressed by all the multiple roles played by the supporting actors. For example, there are only three women in the cast. They play a range of parts from Frankie’s mother to his wife to his daughter, plus the other girl groups, backup singers, and girlfriends along the way. The guys who play The Four Seasons only had to play their individual roles.

Clint Eastwood turned the play into a movie that comes out on June 20. Christopher Walken will play a helpful mobster Gyp DeCarlo. Valli will be played by John Lloyd Young, who won a Tony for the same role on Broadway.

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