What’s Up, Fig Life?

Frank Weathers sent me a message that he had pruned his fig tree rather severely. He wrote, “Lots of dead (brown) wood in the extremities. Pretty much all the new growth from last years growing season didn’t make it. I hope your little one survived.”

Last year, I received a brown turkey fig tree as a gift from two sisters who were librarians in the library I frequented as a child. At Frank Weathers’ suggestion, I rubbed the tips of the branches with petroleum jelly at the start of the winter. I cut the bottom off a leaf bag and put it around the tree like a sleeve. I filled the bag to surround the base of the tree with oak leaves. I read somewhere that fig trees like oak leaves.

Today, I removed the bag and inspected the tree. Like Frank, my tree has dead wood that needs to be pruned away. When I moved some of the oak leaves, I found two green buds that are signs of new growth. They are hard to spot in the photos, which is why I drew red circles to help you see them.


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