Sunday Night Football

The confirmation of the rumor that Boomsday 2014 and the Vols’ home opener would switch days made me happy. Having Boomsday on a Saturday means that I get two days off in a row on Labor Day weekend. It’s unusual for the Vols to play on a Sunday. I suspect that the events will switch back to their normal nights next year.

I remember that a lot of people were confused a few years ago when Boomsday moved from Monday to Sunday. They called Star 102.1 with their questions. I took some calls on Labor Day from people who had missed the fireworks the night before.

Boomsday started as a “sky concert” put on by the old U-102. The fireworks from Pyro Shows are choreographed to a soundtrack mostly consisting of current hits. The explosions are timed to coincide with the beats of the music. The colors and shapes of the fireworks often relate to the song that’s playing.

This year, Visit Knoxville will charge $20 admission for access to the festival on Neyland Drive. Kids 12 and under are free. Of course, there are many places around town where you can watch the fireworks for free without attending the festival. Listening to the soundtrack on Star 102.1 is free too.

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