Designed to Cell

Cell phone towers were always considered to be eyesores. I wonder if that is still true. At some point will the ugly cell phone tower be seen as a beautiful beacon of connectivity?

The more we rely on our smartphones for everything, the more we want a strong signal and plenty of bandwidth. How many times have you looked at your phone to see how many bars of signal strength you had?

Fourteen or fifteen years ago, I remember seeing two cell phone towers alongside the 405 in Los Angeles. One was disguised as a pine tree, the other as a palm tree. I have also read about cell phone towers cleverly hidden inside church steeples. The church collects rent from the cell phone company.

While riding on I-81 in Virginia the other day, I noticed cell phone antennae mounted on the signposts for a couple of truck stops. The were still ugly but they did utilize existing structures rather than mar the landscape with more towers.

My hope is that experts will figure out how to hide all cell phone towers either inside existing buildings or inside works of roadside art.

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