Canon in Front of Them

This weekend Catholics are celebrating the lives of Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII. The two men will be canonized on Sunday. Knoxville residents Cardinal Justin Rigali and Bishop Richard Stika will attend the ceremony. Two local parishes will be renamed to add the word “Saint.”

When my parents got married, they received a papal blessing from John XXIII. The framed document, with his picture on it, is still hanging on the wall in my mother’s house. I remember watching a made-for-TV movie about John XXIII starring Raymond Burr as the pope. Don Galloway, one of Burr’s co-stars from Ironside was in the movie too.

I feel like I need to get caught up on all the activities going on in Rome. Fortunately, EWTN is offering comprehensive coverage. Here’s a quick video that explains what canonization means.

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