Morganization Chart

Leanne Morgan told me a little about her radio show and I told her a little about mine. We had a chance to visit briefly at Star 102.1’s Dancing with the Knoxville Stars, where we had our picture made with dancing champion Davis Tarwater.

Leanne does a weekly satellite radio show with Reno Collier. As she described some of their best on-air segments, I got the impression that they have more in common with reactors rather than generators. I need to send Leanne the link to read Valerie Geller’s thoughts on reactors and generators.

Both Leanne and Reno will be appearing at Side Splitters soon. Leanne is there May 8 – 10, while Reno is there June 19 – 21. That means I will get to interview each of them on the Classic Hits 93.1 Comedy Couch. When I spoke with Leanne, I told her how I try to make the conversation different from a standard radio interview. I can hardly wait for it. Leanne always cracks me up with her stories.

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