Individual Man Date

There were four guys in the Friends of Literacy Bachelor Auction who I already knew and three more I met during an interview about the event. My wife and I attended the auction last night. The tickets were part of the sponsorship package given to WNOX.

We rooted for the guys we knew: comedian Spanky Brown; Knoxville Opera marketing director Michael Torano; News Sentinel photographer Saul Young; and Ice Bears coach Mike Craigen. I tweeted photos of Spanky and Saul as the women in the audience bid on a date with them.

Later I joked with Spanky about the careful wording of my tweet. He responded by tweeting the joke I had avoided. He and I had more laughs later when two of the guys decided to show off their chests on the catwalk.

My wife bought a couple of door-prize tickets. She won a nice gift basket filled with Ole Smoky Moonshine products and a t-shirt.

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