Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

Tom Arnold said I gave him new information during our interview on Friday. I told him my story about meeting Matt Drudge when Drudge was the gossipy sales clerk in the gift shop on the studio lot where they filmed Roseanne and The Jackie Thomas Show.

Tom responded by telling the hilarious story about his 1993 feud with Julia Louis-Dreyfus over a parking spot at the CBS Studio Center. It’s especially funny to hear him rant about Jason Alexander.

I had my own gigs on Friday and Saturday nights or I would have gone to Side Splitters Comedy Club to see Tom perform. From what I read on Twitter from my friends who did go, Tom told funny stories all night, as opposed to set-up and punchline jokes. I hope he comes back to town soon.

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3 Responses to Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

  1. Keith Ely says:

    Loved the Maid-Right meat sandwich (served with a spoon) when we lived in Illinois. I thought it was better than any of the any McDonald’s, Burger King or any of the other burger joints. They have great milk shakes and fries as well. Wish there was one here in Knoxville.

  2. Keith Ely says:

    They have a web site. check out the menu, lot more than just loose meat.

  3. Frank Murphy says:

    Agreed! Check out this blog post from 2011 about my search for a Maid-Rite.

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