Give It a Wurlitzer

The Mighty Musical Monday headliners followed in the footsteps of Ellen DeGeneres the night before and took a selfie in the middle of their show. Like Ellen, the male a cappella group VOLume posted their photo to Twitter.

As emcee, I was standing in the wings of the Tennessee Theatre and took a photo from my perspective. You can also see one of the members of ReVOLution, the female a cappella group, taking a picture too.

The weather kept some people away but it gave me the opportunity to say that I wanted to thank each and every one in the audience for coming and that I would be doing so individually a little later. Because of the weather, my wife got the day off from work and she was able to accompany me. She snapped a photo of the performers in the orchestra pit before the show and as the elevator lift raised us up during the National Anthem.

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