Dos Carlos

When the headliners from Side Splitters Comedy Club come to WNOX, I have the pleasure of interviewing them. I set it up to be different from typical afternoon show interviews.

We record the conversation in the morning, after they’ve made the rounds of the morning shows. The conversations generally run about 20 minutes long. If they say anything that needs to be bleeped, we deal with it later. That afternoon, I pull a two-to-three minute chunk from the interview to air at 5:20 p.m. The digital media department edits the video to post it online on the station’s YouTube channel and website.


Carlos Mencia was my guest yesterday. The studio was crowded, which I loved. Carlos brought his opening acts along. In addition, several of my co-workers wanted to watch the taping. The digital department posted a 12-minute version of the conversation and they sent me the whole 22 minute video too. The edited version leaves off the first ten minutes when Carlos is cracking me up with jokes about my own religion.

The three minutes that I used on the radio are near the end when Carlos thinks of a new bit about space aliens calling tech support. I hope the bit makes it into his act.

Here’s the 12 minute version:

Here’s the 22 minute version:

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