Cemental Journey

Members of my family sometimes use me as a reference library. They’ll call or write to ask a question, especially if it’s about pop culture.

My sister was visiting Los Angeles yesterday. A few hours before experiencing an earthquake, she went to the TCL Chinese Theatre, which became well-known as Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. She was looking for the imprints of one of her favorite stars, Lucille Ball. When she couldn’t find them, she sent me the following text:

Lucille Ball never put her signature in cement at Grauman’s. However in season 5 of I Love Lucy, Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz stole the cement slab with John Wayne’s footprints and signature.

As you saw in the text conversation, my sister then asked if Lucy had a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Despite what the tour guide told my sister, Lucy has two stars. One was for TV, the other was for film. There are five categories of stars on the Walk. The other three categories are radio, recordings and stage. I wonder if they’ll ever have to add a category for online.

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