Brushing Up on Looking Down

The highlight of the Gatlinburg Improv Fest, for me personally, was a guessing game called “King’s Court.” We played the game during the Einstein Simplified show on Friday night. I was lucky enough to play the king. Paul Simmons played the jester, while Dave Fennell, Megan Jones and Dave Snow played the three petitioners asking me to for something. I had to figure out what they wanted.

My friends Jim Johnson and Cylk Cozart were in the audience. Jim had a front row seat and recorded the scene. He sent me a message today that he had posted the video on YouTube, as you’ll see below.

This isn’t the first time I got to play the king. Three years ago I shared a video in which I played a king who sounded a little like Ed Wynn. This time around I played the monarch as a sialoquent simpleton. I hope you enjoy it!

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