Borderline Personality

There was a break in the clouds this morning as my wife and I were preparing to leave the Town of Cumberland Gap, Tennessee. Instead of heading straight back to Knoxville, we returned to the Pinnacle Overlook inside Cumberland Gap National Historic Park.

To get there, we drove into Kentucky through a tunnel under a mountain. As we drove up another mountain, we crossed into Virginia. We found the Kentucky-Virginia line along one of the walking trails.

We had a great view of Cumberland Gap, Harrogate and Middlesboro from the Pinnacle. They say you can see all the way to North Carolina or even Georgia on a clear day. We were able to see the nearby Tri-State Peak, where the borders of Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee all meet. When we return to the area, I hope to have time to walk up to the place where you can stand in three states at once.

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